Loans with Bad Credit

Quite simply, our objective here at is to make your loans application process as easy and smooth as possible if you are afflicted with a bad credit record. We have gone through the trouble of finding some of the best lenders and rating them so you can get a good idea of what they specialize in before you sign-up for a loan with them. Find your bad credit loan here.

Bad Credit Personal Loans
For the easiest bad credit loan we suggest that personal loans are the easiest. We provide lenders who can give almost instant approval with loans that have great rates.

Payday Loans
For the fastest access to money. We list lenders who can provide instant money to you at reasonable rates.

Personal Loans
For those who do not have severely bad credit ratings. Applying for normal personal loans may be sufficient, get your money for cheaper rates.

Auto Loans
Looking for a car loan but have bad credit? Let us find the appropriate lender for you needs and get the car financing you deserve.

Credit Reports
We show you how you can repair you credit report and help you out of your bad credit hole. Read on and learn more.

Debt Consolidation
We provide debt consolidation solutions should you want to start consolidating your debts with a low interest rate loan

Credit Cards
A list of suitable credit card providers that accept applicants that have bad credit histories. Have a browse and decide which one suits you the most.

UK Loans
Not forgetting our friends across the pond. Find specialized bad credit lenders who can grant you loans even with your bad credit history

Home Loans
We make finding the bad credit home loans easy. Search amongst our list of preferred lenders for the one that can meet your needs.

Home Equity Loans
You can back your loan up with your home equity. Let us show you where you can find suitable lenders for your needs.

Mortgage Loans
Easy mortgage loans for your needs. We provide a list of performance picked lenders who can give you the cheapest bad credit mortgage loans possible.